What do you do when a cryptic floppy disk arrives in the mail for a job you never applied for?  Who is Henry Combs?  Does he speak in prophecies or fever dreams? What does he want, and what did he lose? 

Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn is a narrative-driven, atmospheric point and click game in the style of Kentucky Route Zero with the intimacy and rewarding exploration of Gone Home, but with logic-based environmental puzzles like Grim Fandango.  Originally conceived and produced as an alternate reality game, we’ve kept several ARG elements from its original iteration.  What makes our gameplay really unique is that with optional side puzzles, you can explore off-game media such as a strange youtube channel, an old geocities webpage, and conspiracy podcasts.  You can simply play the game, or you can dive to the bottom of that deep, dank subreddit rabbit hole.  Your call.


Aesthetically, we’re layering textures of found footage and hand-painted assets to create a surreal, dreamlike environment that mirrors the narrator’s state of mind. This story explores themes of memory, regret, ambition, parenthood, conspiracies, and the natural world.  Cormac McCarthy and Mary Oliver are major literary influences.


Our story is set in Austin, TX: home of mom and pop roadside museums, INFOWARS, extreme yard art, and “keeping it weird.”  It has also been my community for the last four years.  I couldn’t imagine a better backdrop for this story.  All of the areas in the game are based on real locations in Austin that can be toured and visited, including a totally legal and super secret urban exploration site.  In the game you’ll travel from location to location, searching for items and solving puzzles that give you more information to uncover the mystery of the narrative.